At the brook hill middle school, our mission is simple: prepare students for college and for life. We accomplish this through academic rigor, 有爱心的老师, and a nurturing environment that keeps the christian worldview front and center.



The Brook Hill 中学 educates students in grades 6-8th. There are many options for middle school in Tyler, Texas and the surrounding area, 但是最靠谱的滚球平台的小班授课, focused on individual needs to prepare students for college, sets our private school apart. 最重要的是, Brook Hill is a Christian school, and our Christ-centered environment helps students find their identity in Christ and discover the gifts and talents we believe are God-given.

The faculty and staff in the middle work diligently to prepare each student for the next level of their education, leading to success in college and beyond. As a Christian school, we strive to create a culture of genuine love and care. We hope that this trains up our students in a nurturing environment, and that our private school develops students that are prepared, 挑战, 确认, 在身体上受到鼓励, 心, 和精神. We see successful and happy students moving onward to excellence and success as we partner with families in the growth and development of their children. We hope that we can partner with your family in this endeavor as well.



中学 is one of the most critical times in a child’s life. Our experienced faculty and staff are dedicated to helping students grow educationally, 就我个人而言, 和精神上! Learn more about the distinctives of our 中学 and why it is right for you at the link below!



6th Grade – 8th Grade (中学) Principal


夫人. Rozell graduated from The University of Texas at Tyler with a B.S. in Mathematics and has been a part of Brook Hill since its second year of existence in 1998. She taught both middle and upper school math for several years before starting the Academic Center for Excellence in 2011. 夫人. Rozell began serving as 上学校 Principal in 2013 and started serving as 中学 Principal in 2022.

夫人. Rozell is known for her strong relational skills and because of that, her leadership brings out the best in students and faculty. Her own children are alumni of Brook Hill and she 就我个人而言 knows the value of a Christ-centered, college preparatory education.



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